Website Migration Training in London and Kent

Arrows Up’s website migration training is designed to help your team understand what is needed to maintain your site’s organic traffic in the wake of website rebuild, redesign or re-platform. We cover the project planning, activity and measures that need to be in place for a successful website migration.

What will we learn?

The dangers involved in a website migration

  • What can happen to organic traffic
  • Common mistakes made and how to avoid them
  • The importance of an SEO project plan

Steps for a successful migration

  • Identifying all the stakeholders involved
  • Identifying all the necessary tasks to be carried out
  • Determining who is responsible for each activity

Testing and progressing

  • Identifying how to test the success of a migration
  • Reporting post-launch and identifying issues that have occurred
  • Remedying any post-launch issues

Training in London, Kent or your own offices

Arrows Up’s SEO website migration training is designed for companies in London and Kent, as well as providing options to train your employees across the UK. If your team needs to plan for a website migration and you have the resources internally to help you carry it out, this is an ideal solution. If you are looking for someone to help spearhead your SEO migration project consider our specialist SEO migration consultancy service

Half day (3 hours plus breaks)

£350 plus travel