ReadingSEO January 2020

Arrows Up was out and about again, this time at ReadingSEO, a digital marketing meetup where marketers gathered to hear a range of SEO based talks.

The talks covered tonight ranged from Karen Julia’s excellent discussion on the benefits of embracing your SEO niche, Natalie Arney’s informative and enjoyable look at in-house and agency SEO, and our own Managing Director Helen’s talk “Standing on the shoulders of giants: beating the big companies at SEO”.

Helen’s talk focused on making a difference in the organic SERPs even when you’re budget is a fraction of the size of your competitors’. We all have those behemoths in our industries, whether it’s the likes of Amazon and eBay, or the NHS and Wikipedia. Sometimes our large competitors are industry specialists like our own brand, but they have a far superior marketing budget and resource available to them.

Helen guided the audience in how to develop a strategy that makes the most of their brands existing assets, looks to what formats they need their content to be in, and dominating the SERPs with it. Helen gave advice on how to look at future search trends to position your brand ahead of the curve. For a copy of Helen’s presentation, detailing tips and strategies on winning organic traffic away from the giants in your industry, download it here.