Oxford Digital Workers Union January 2020

On a fairly cold January evening a group of digital marketers gathered together at the Jerico Tavern in Oxford to talk about being the “underdog”. The talks from both our own MD Helen, and Will Hobson from Rise at Seven focused on how to make a splash in digital marketing when you’re working with a small brand and limited budget.

Will focused on the ever-important digital PR, looking at how you can generate interest around a brand regardless of its name, size or budget.

Helen spoke about how to use SEO strategy to beat your brand’s big competitors in the SERPs. With a few unnecessary mentions of her office “colleague”, a lot of information on how to use your website to your advantage and some hints about how your competitors might not be as big a threat as you think they are, Helen covered a range of important factors in developing an SEO strategy that helps you win organic visits away from the giants in your industry. 

The key with winning traffic away from the behemoths in your industry, Helen felt, is to look at your strengths alongside their weaknesses.  Where a large competitor may be slow, and mired in red-tape, a smaller brand can make quick decisions and take action.  In SEO this gives the smaller companies the ability to capitalise on trends, react to what their audience is talking about and generate forward-looking content. Download a copy of Helen’s presentation, “SEO for the Underdogs” below.