Digital marketing analytics and reporting support in London and Kent

Arrows Up can provide a senior-level digital marketing consultant for your business on long or short-term contracts. Your consultant can help you establish or refine your reporting process.

How can Arrows Up help create or refine accurate digital marketing reporting processes?

Reporting on digital marketing can feel overwhelming. Reports become cluttered with meaningless jargon and data and no clear insight is given.

Whether you are new to using reporting tools or just need someone to clean up your Google Analytics account and train your staff on first-rate reporting processes, Arrows Up can help.

Arrows Up is owned and run by Helen, a digital marketing consultant with over a decade’s experience in marketing. Helen guest lectures at a local university on digital marketing and web analytics. When you hire Arrows Up you are working with a consultant who has spoken on international stages to senior-marketers about digital marketing reporting.

By engaging Arrows Up’s consultancy service you benefiting from bringing into your business a digital marketing analytics expert.

Available for one off projects, or regular training and communications with your team your Arrows Up consultant can help you with:

– Setting up Google Analytics and training your staff on how to use it

– Setting up reporting software like Google Data Studio to pull through all the meaningful information you need to see from your digital marketing efforts

– Creating reporting processes that can run as frequently as you need them

– Helping your team to understand how to cut through the noise of marketing reports and draw clear insight and ways forward as a result of your data

– One-off audits of your data to help draw together a 3 or 6 month plan digital marketing strategy

Reporting and analytics consultancy in London, Kent or remote support across the globe

Arrows Up’s SEO consultancy service can provide an SEO expert to sit alongside your team in you London or Kent-based offices, or remote support to your business anywhere in the world. To find out more about the service contact Arrows Up below.